Journey With Claire Roche
An atmospheric performance of Claire’s own songs and some ancient Gaelic songs accompanied by her antique harps grand piano plus guest appearances of healing bowls and strings. This music here is easy listening, yet inspiring and often healing as it transports the listener into different worlds and safely returns.

Dancing In The Wind
A journey through the poems of W.B. Yeats set to beautiful song melodies with original music, composed by Claire and rooted in the Irish tradition Claire's singing here, sends warmth and love down your spine. The combination of ethereal voice & harp through this work is a transforming experience.

Songs From The Harp Room
Claire returns to some traditional songs of Ireland that she learned while learning to play the harp at Sion Hill School in Blackrock Co. Dublin, many years ago. These songs are still requested favourites at live performances. which have developed into these beautiful arrangements

The Lilt of the Banshee
cover of The Lilt Of The Banshee
A careful selection of traditional songs and music. Here is Claire embracing the traditions of past mainly Irish songs and tunes plus a beautiful English song and a unique beautiful arrangement of the timeless favourite, Danny Boy.

An Irish Wedding Ceremony

A classic collection of music typical of music performed at traditional Irish weddings complete with what songs and music fit into which part of the wedding ceremony. This album flows throughout the ceremony in order.

Out of the Ordinary - Songs of Love and Loss

cover of Out Of The Ordinary
A beautifully produced passionate set of originals songs Songs in this collection moves many listeners as it tells their stories too. This includes some of Claire’s most popular songs during live performances