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Claire Roche on a Radio Tour

If you click the Live Events link , you will see that Claire Roche is currently on a Radio Stations tour in Ireland. So far this is West, NW and Dublin radio stations, but I am sure radio stations in other areas will be added soon. Claire is talking about her new release, From Then Until The Here And Now. and performing some songs live from this. This pic is with Charlie McGettigan after his Saturday Connection show on Saturday morning. Claire was also on Midwest Radio, Tommy Marron's show. There will be a 'From Then Until The Here And Now' double CD launch at Woodford House, Dublin, early October, date not decided yet, stay tuned. Double CD already available from the Music link , and it will be available on Spotify, Apple Music etc. soon. Meanwhile tune into Claire at the various upcoming radio broadcasts Here are some pics of the new double CD,  'From Then Until The Here And Now'