From Then To The Here And Irish Media

and the media said, about this ... 

Highland Radio - Paul McDevitt

“ ... my personal gratitude to Claire for her performance with us last night, I was genuinely blown away by her total self, such a beautiful human being, the response from listeners was just fantastic people loved her.”

RTE - Sean O Rourke producer for Miriam O’Callaghan

“She’s brilliant”. 

Also, Lilian Smith played ‘Visiting Hour’ on her show and gave it a great introduction

RTE Lyric FM – Elizabeth Laragy 

“Her music is really lovely”.

Folk And Tumble - Julie Williams-Nash

“ ... a most interesting and appealing album it is. Quite unusual, but quite beautiful, ‘From Then To The Here And Now’ is like a stream of consciousness recital, a flow of music and words that somehow move the soul, a blend of literature, music, and artistic endeavour. ... rich texture of Irish heritage and the depth of emotions espoused. It resonates with the innate Celt. I felt enriched by the experience of becoming acquainted with this album.

Irish Music Magazine - Grainne McCool

“With a good mix of harp and piano accompaniment, combined with Roche’s own haunting voice, this collection will allow you time to escape to another world ...”.

BBC NI - Jimmy Devlin

He loved it (the CD) and said “she was like an Irish Kate Bush”

Irish times - Siobhan Long 

“ ... lurking deep beneath her grandiose musical gestures are echoes of Kate Bush (circa Wuthering Heights), Joanna Newsom and, regrettably, Enya, ...”

Galway Bay FM - Gary Kelly 

A big fan, has played ‘Sitting In A Green Field’ on his show a few times.